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About me

Whatever happens, happens only one time... every element of my jewelry is unique, and if You let your dreams flow, it’ll take You at the end of the world.

My name is Joanna, but often I thnik about myself as a inhabitant od croatian coast and thenmy croatian name is Djenka.


I’ve been making jewelry since I remember. At the begining it was my passion, time of relax after a hard work day. I loved to spend hours between beads, pearls, threads and needles and connect them into colour compositions. In 2011 I first met with soutache and thanks to this technique I expand my inspirations on unknown factures, designs and combinations of colours. Since then soutache is for me most important jewelry technique. However I’ve been stull missing for something precious. So, in to my jewelry I added natural stones, pearls, silver and coppery.


Thanks to wonderful people I met in the internet, and after that in real life, I developed my skills in making silver, coppery, silver and brown clay jewelry.


In the december 2013 I’ve decided to bring to life Djenka as a small company and I hope, that energy I put into every piece of my jewelry will impact people who wears it.