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Returns and complains


Pursuant to article 7 of Act of March 2, 2000 on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on the Liability for Damage caused by a Dangerous Product (Journal of Laws 2000.22.271), Customers have the right to cancel the purchase without providing reasons for cancellation – within 10 days of receiving ordered items. Items returned on this basis will only be accepted by the Seller if they are sent back in its original, undamaged packaging, with all the contents (product, tag, receipt), in brand new condition. All returns must be accompanied by a written statement of withdrawal from a contract together with information of the Customer’s bank account number. The Seller will then return the payment to the indicated bank account within 14 days. The Shop guarantees return of the payment equal to the selling price of the item. The costs of dispatching the returned or exchanged items will be covered by the Customer.


If Customers discover physical or delivery­related damages of the received items, they are obliged to immediately inform the Seller (at kontakt@djenka.pl) of the type of defect or damage discovered. The Seller will process the complaint within 14 working days from the date of its receiving. Damaged goods should be sent back to the Shop’s address. A damaged or faulty item will be exchanged for a new one, if possible. If the exchange is impossible (e.g. due to the items being out of stock), the Seller will refund full price of returned goods or offer different, available items for the Customer to choose from. The Seller will refund the costs of dispatch of the damaged or faulty goods, provided the Customer indicates their bank account number.